How To Install Wamp Software?

(Download latest wamp software as per your systemt configuration Like {64 bit for 64 bie os and 32 bit for 32 bit os}, i am giving official link to download the latest wamp software)

Download Latest Software

After Downloading Setup if setup will be in zip file than first extract zip file then -> click on setup

-> click on Next.

-> Next window you will see is about the license agreement. Click on the “I accept the agreement” radio button and then the “Next” button.

Wamp Software Installation

-> The next screen will inform you about the required components that have to be present in your computer system for the proper functioning of the WampServer. Click on the Next

Wamp Server Installation

-> Select Location/Destination to Install WAMP. Click on the Next

Wamp Software Installation

-> Select Start Menu Folder to Install WAMP. Click on the Next

Wamp server Installation

-> Ready to Install WAMP. Click on the Install

Wamp Software Installation

Now, just be patient as the WampServer is extracting files to your selected location. Let the process complete.

Wamp server Installation

Once the status bar is turned fully green, an information screen will appear. Click on the Next

-> WAMPInstallation Complete. Click on the Finish

Wamp Software Installation


If you have completed the above-mentioned steps carefully, I assure you won’t face any trouble in installing of WAMP software. And once you are done with your project testing you can easily make it live

Thank You